Bar Complaint Filed against Mara Felsen – Her Reply

Bar Complaint – Mara Felsen


COPY OF PAYMENTS OR RECEIPTS – Provided free marijuana and marijuana products as well as free cultivations consults for the duration of her representation.  This was not really obligatory.  There was not agreed upon amount.  Probably about $500.00 per month worth.  In addition, I made several small cash payments as she is on Social Security Disability and did not want to mess that up.  I also paid for Hotel Rooms, etc. to go to Continuing Legal Credit Seminars (LA and Aspen).



  • She failed to perform legal services competently.
  • Misrepresented self as an attorney – I thought she was a practicing attorney.  She did represent herself as an attorney.  I believed her to be an attorney.  She did not disclose that she merely maintains a bar card, had not practiced law in 10 years and is under psychiatric care.  Her email is “MaraLaw” – implying that she is a lawyer.  I really believe she is not a lawyer, but simply somebody who pays to maintain their bar card for the sake of status or appearance and that her seeking attention in relating to my case while not being qualified to practice law jeapordized my freedom when I could have potentially been sent to prison.
  • talked me into firing qualified counsel and then sent him an email calling him names, creating a situation where I did not feel comfortable to obtain my legal papers from him
  • publicity seeking without the legal work
  • MOTIONS – Hid motion requesting massive unreasonable discovery from the DA – this was critical to my case to respond to this – did not notify of her failure to respond to this motion, and later panic stricken had me come over and told me we have to write the DA a letter about his request.  She never showed me an actual motion, just the request letter.  I sat there and told her what to write in response to the letter, but I did not know if was a legal motion and it should have been responded and heard before a judge as the requests for discovery were (probably on purpose) extensive and unreasonable.
  • wrote bad motions, waiting until the day before major motions were due, then at 5pm
  • Sent me 2 skeleton motions at 5 pm the day before major motions were due and told me to do them myself
  • called me screaming when major motion response was due at 7 pm the night before, screaming, “that she had to come over and teach me 200 pages of how to cite law” in just one hour, so I could write my own response.
  • Her legal notes which she thought were brilliant look like a two year old wrote
  • insisted to me that if I could not get the other criminal attorney to represent her pro bono in a restraining order hearing against some other woman who had harassed us that she could not work on my case
  • gave me juris criminal history report papers on Eugene Zhenya Davidovich, which she had obtained from his attorney, leading her to insist that Davidovich is a federal “plant”, and myself to believe he is a federal informant and contributing to a situation that created alot of diversions throughout my case.
  • fired second attorney without telling me
  • committed malpractice
  • no malpractice insurance
  • After I decided to take the plea, in large part due to the fact that medical marijuana cases will often weigh heavily on the motions, and these were not done correctly, she began yelling and swearing at me
  • Mexican Lady – At one protest rally there was a little lady who could only speak spanish, who had been arrested for Marijuana.  Mara volunteered to represent her.  The day before what would have been the prelim, Mara appeared to have an anxiety attack.  She wanted me to come  help her with the case.  I went to her house.  Mara could not cope with the case, and she sent the case home with me and told me to write all the questions to ask at the preliminary hearing of this woman.  I spent hours doing this.  Fortunately the DA decided to drop the case in the morning because it was small and they could not find all their paperwork.  I still have the legal case file of this woman.  I am not qualified to practice law.
  • Tape recorded me without my knowledge
  • Posted privileged information about me on Facebook during the course of my facing trial, endangering my case.
  • After I took the plea she began working to discredit me and my political work by encouraging the friends of Davidovich who had been harassing me through my trial to harass me further (Ex. enclosed from Facebook) in what I believe is an effort to discredit me in order to make herself look better.
  • Called a former friend of mine, Aaron Klein and divulged Attorney – Client privileged information to him, which sent him into a severe bi-polar meltdown.  He unfriended me and quit doing the medical marijuana support group that he facilitated for several years.
  • She also represented me on a restraining order where a woman, Terrie Best (Narc), who was harassing us related to this medical marijuana issue tried to punch Mara in the lobby of the courthouse.  Mara did not respond on time to the motion put in by the other party.  She then was still not ready the night before at 9:32pm.  We were 23 minutes late to court according to the judge who seemed perturbed about this, and the judge said, “you show up 23 minutes late to court and you expect me to read all this?”.  Mara Felsen also was not prepared as there was an audio of the assault but she did not know it had to be transcribed to be entered into court.  The judge denied the restraining order due to her incompetence.
  • Sent me confidential emails between her and another attorney Mike Chernis and his client regarding the Jimenez case.  She calls that attorney “Chernis shit”.  I found that to be unprofessional.   In addition, she is breaking attorney-client privilege rules.  I am concerned because of Mara Felsens vindictive behavior that she may already have or may in the future break attorney client privilege information about me, and would like this issue addressed.  Particularly in the light that she is actually encouraging the Davidovich followers ( a man who made a death threat against me ) to harass me.  (January 21 email)
  • Office of alternative council apprised Mara that she was committing MALPRACTICE ??
  • then she really freaked out
  • Mara Felsen should not have a bar card
  • Mara Felsen is  violating attorney client privilege
  • Mara Felsen is inciting violence against me
  • Mara Felsen facebook James Stacy – supporting James in libelous slander when he states that I work for the DEA
  • Mara inciting known violent felon tiffani kjeldergaard to possibly commit violence against me
  • When Mara Felsen returned my legal paperwork in her box was her “legal notes”.  For months she had told me that her best legal notes were that which she took when a neighbor of mine came over.  Enclosed are those notes which demonstrate an extreme lack of cognizance of organized thoughts
  • which demonstrate an extreme disorganization in her thought patterns which lead me to believe Mara Felsen is a danger to anybody whom she mis-represents herself as a practicing attorney.
  • Mara Felsen has represented herself as a competent attorney and then failed to act in that regard but instead has used attorney client privilege issues to gain info about me.
  • Mara Felsen has engaged in facebook slander designed to further cause harassment and distress to myself.
  • Mara Felsen continues to act in an unprofessional manner by inciting and fueling the harassment campaign against me. (facebook)
  • Mara Felsen jeopardized my case or took it upon herself to post attorney client privileged information about myself.
  • HOPE MEETING – after I fired Mara Felsen,  she Called a friend of mine, Aaron Klein, whom she did not know and who had run a medical marijuana group and then talked him into having lunch, met with him in a flirtatious manner, divulged attorney client privileged information, in an effort to gather information about me for unknown reasons.
  • Mara Felsen manipulated me by telling me all the way home that Mark was not working for me and that he ws the enemy and we needed to get rid of him.
  • Members of a group I had been formally involved with, but who were new people I did not know had been harassing me under the guise of this one leader who was jealous or hated me for whatever reasons.  Mara Felsen disliked Dan Murphy and called him Meth mouth, but then later was seen on his facebook page encouraging his threats against me, presumably in an effort to cause turmoil in her life to sidetrack issues against her.  Later she actually encourages this man as he makes continued threats against me, presumably to cover her own tracks and discredit my work as an activist.
  • Mara Felsen disclosed to the Sacramento Bee that I had a collective named “San Diego Women’s Health collective, other attorney client privileged information which jeapordized my case repeatedly.
  • In addition I informed her that she did not have my permission to discuss details of my case and in her threatening letter she states that she does.
  • Mara Felsen audiotaped my plea negotiation with DA Walter but then refused to give me a copy. Refusal to turn over Attorney Client work product.
  • During the course of her acting as my attorney I divulged a lot of attorney client privileged information about myself and others and Mara Felsen does not seem to get that she has an oath and professional obligation to follow certain rules regarding confidentiality.
  • Mara Felsen demonstrable and irreversibly destroyed my case.  She knew she destroyed it.
  • Mara Felsen had agreed to write a declaration to the court regarding her incompetence so that I could try to get the damage she created to be undone.  She never wrote the declaration.
  • Instead she chose to defame, discredit, and encourage those in the community who had made death threats, attempted assaults, harassment, slander blogs and more threats against me.
  • Nearly ten months after I had to take a plea due to her incompetence she is encouraging behavior that could get me killed.
  • Mara Felsen never did the legal work she requested to be allowed to do.  Mara Felsen was unable to focus or write motions in time for the court.  Mara Felsen is incompetent and dangerous to pretend she is a lawyer and giving legal advice to people that she thinks might give her free marijuana.
  • I was facing a maximum of 6+ years.   Mara began fantasizing out loud about all the “great lawyers” that would show up to my rescue if I were to go to prison.  After the third time she dreamily talked about this, I began to think perhaps she wanted me to go to prison so that she could get some attention from famous lawyers and activists.

LAST DATE OF CONTACT AND WHAT OCCURRED – The last date of contact Mara Felsen assaulted me.  She had a person who had several outstanding marijuana cases at her house.  She dumped the guy on me and I texted her to see if she would pay a 1/3 to fly him to Arizona where he had to turn himself in.  She didn’t answer.  The next morning I got a coffee and scone and went to her house, which is about two miles from my own.  She started screaming and ran across her yard and shoved me at full force in the abdomen, knowing that I have cirrhosis of the liver.  I know have a hematoma on my liver and do not know if this is the reason or not.  She shoved me three times total in my abdomen.  I held my coffee and scone and asked her repeatedly to stop assaulting me.  When she stopped, she ran into her house.  I left.  I did not pursue the matter.  I did not defend myself.  I just stood there while she repeatedly assaulted me.





NUMBER OF ATTORNEYS IN LAW FIRM – 1 – “Solo Practitioner” barely fits as she disclosed near the end of my case prior to me firing her that she had only practiced law (as what sounded like a civil intern) for 1 and half years in the 90’s, and then had not practiced law in approx. 10 years.  It appeared she wanted to take my case to gain publicity for herself.  This would have been fine if she had done the legal work.  She took my case and was unqualified to practice, the office of alternative council told her that she was committing malpractice by representing me.  At that point she began having anxiety attacks and screaming on the phone at me.______________________________________________________

I had talked with the person at the State Bar back in August or September 2010.    My friend wanted me to wait until my case was complete (October 12) to file a bar complaint because she stated, “Mara is so vindictive she will probably try to get you arrested before sentencing.”

When Mara assaulted me it was before sentencing.  The day after my sentencing I received a threatening letter from an attorney claiming to represent Mara Felsen if I were to file a “bar complaint” against her.  The letter is below.

I feel that Mara Felsen is a threat to the freedom of anybody who does not understand that she merely pays the yearly fee and attends a couple of classes to keep her bar card.  From what I see, she does not practice law.  At all.  In my opinion, she does this for ego and status.  If she was the only one involved it would not matter.  When people’s lives are on the line

Written letter from neighbors regarding assault.


This is Mara’s reply upon hearing of the Bar Complaint:Mara Felsen




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