If They Have No Bread, Give Them Kef

chris conrad 7         If Californian’s pass Prop 64 or A.U.M.A.  this November then we as patients will be advancing backwards instead of forward. At length I recollected the thoughtless saying of a great princess, who, on being informed that the country people had no bread, replied, “Then let them eat pastry!” Which points to me   Chris Conrad Chris Conradcompares to Louis XVI leaving  Nikki Norris as Marie-Antoinette, Nikki Norris the Queen to patients.   When they both have been involved in this business so long and from their articles is plan to see money influences the mind-set of profits before people. When both stick their heads on the “chopping block” knowing damn well there is nothing to be left for anyone but “investors & henchmen” should be enough for “the common people to understand” how we as patients are looked upon as second or third class citizens. Although I know they neither have the brains to or finances to orchestrate such a diabolical plan of deceit.

Since they have gone into  seclusion they must of felt the pressure from their responses of so many patients when A.U.M.A. was broken down and showed their true colors. Doing everything in their power to dodge the bullet  from calling people narcs, to openly lying on how A.U.M.A. is LEGALIZATION for all Californian’s. It’s amazing to me how so many took the hook on a word! They knew the majority would not read it for themselves which is a big mistake they or so many have now learned since the curtain on Oz has been pulled back to revile the true Oz. Chris is no wizard and Nikki is no Dorothy, and there is a big difference in California and Kansas.

In the beginning these “investors” had no concerns about medical cannabis until they saw how much potential money could be made in California’s Green Rush. ironically I see the tables turning on the larger companies, like Steve D’Angelo’s Harborside Steve DeAngelo had once called patients “common street dealers” if they supplied another patient medication if it weren’t purchased from them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HaPaOSs4BI  Then you have Teflon Don Duncan of A.S.A. who’s fame is patients rights with safe access, and so many bought this crap sandwich that didn’t like bread, leaving both a bad taste in their mouth as well as bad breath. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HaPaOSs4BI When people ask me what do you think, I tell them “most people are only thinking about getting high today leaving tomorrow’s worries to tomorrow. The problem is when tomorrow comes there will be nothing left, and these dogs lying at the foot of the table expecting some crumbs from “their masters” will not receive nothing. These dogs of opportunity will be placed back into their cages until they are needed if needed later. Let history be your guide.

The way I see A.U.M.A. and prop 64 is their way to open the doors to launder their already gotten gains, since there is no legal way to launder these financial gains through federally INSURED BANKS. If you give a little though to this it makes more sense to me than playing Pot Monopoly without the bank, it’s not play money, it’s greed! Taking in thousand’s of dollars on a daily basis and they can not deposit it legally, it can’t be spent as they intended. They could of taken some of this money and gave a little back to the communities they have taken from, Al Capone at lease set up soup kitchens for the hungry, to me this makes them lower class of citizens than gangsters. soup kitchens

So how much is enough? They have misused your donations to plot against prop 215 which you still have certain rights that will be eliminated once prop 64 or A.U.M.A. passes, this is your last chance to stop the greed and free this amazing healing plant designed for human consumption in every way shape and form. What is important to understand, for patients this is medicine! for the rest, we all share the same results and feelings from it’s pleasurable use.

Understand if it passes, yes today it’s all good, for some, but we know it’s temporary. Mark my words, you’ve been warned before and what www.theweedlynews.com have predicted has came true more than once, this is how they help patients, remember Measure D, prop 19, AB 2312, Restrictive Permitting, Restrictive Guidelines, and Teflon Don’s famous quote, The Thinning of The Herds. There will be no more chances once enacted, once you vote, it’s signed in stone with blood.

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