Vote NO Because You Know! 64

I need tyour vote     Not one patient I have ever spoken to has ever denied anyone from using cannabis, all use is medical. It’s important to clear the air about what patients want and what they need. It takes approximately 1/4 lb. to create enough oil to make 10 oz.’s of oil to cook with/ bake.  Which used moderately will last two to three weeks, depending on the health issue. It only takes one joint to “catch a buzz”. which will last approximately 2-5 hrs. depending on the strain, quality, and person. cannabis reschedule

Prop 215 Patients for the most part began using cannabis recreationally until Prop 215 was passed, and this also opened the medical research avenues to newer and safer uses. In 1973 our government found out THC will surround tumor cells and smother them and keep them from regenerating, A safe cure! yet they kept it from the public’s knowledge due to the impact it would have on the nation, and also reveal they lied to us about it’s use.

Yet it was second in over the counter usage prior to 1938.  Cannabis-BottleA  Also notice the cancers back then were few and far between, until the late 40’s when pharmaceutical  companies began creating chemicals to combat cancer, which by then started to become an epidemic far exceeding other un-natural deaths. This was the beginning of “The War on Drugs”. They had the drugs and declared war on herbal users. The penalties were sever, life in prison with out the chance of parole, over a joint? Really? West coast leaf 60



Now the war has a new name, it’s A.U.M.A. this will far exceed what it use to be like in the 60’s – 70’s – 80’s and 90’s. For one, the concept of legalization is the illusion, it’s what’s behind the curtain is where the threat lies. The only legalization is they control it all, and your become a worst criminal than before, with far more exceeding penalties, from prison to confiscation of all property’s of said person/s involved. There will be no more need of C.P.S. because you stand no chance to get your children back, you’ll be in prison, for years on end, why else would one of their main concerns would be to donate to Prison Union Guards?

Once you pull back the curtain and expose the real truth about OZ, the wizard                                                                                                                                                                             you’ll see the manipulation and why they are using media to keep you in the dark. The wizard controlled OZ and once his curtain was pulled back, he had to buy time until he could come up with a plan to escape. Still leaving everyone behind after his promise to take them with him. (Measure D) Do you question why the main stream media doesn’t cover the other side of these issues, from a patients point of view? If you know, You would vote NO. Haven’t you been fed enough lies? Is the price of medicine high enough? When prop 64 is up for votes, vote NO because you do know!


  • I am very concerned that they will get this legislation past as an initiative and lock in MMRSA that steps all over our 215 initiative. My vote has still not been counted from the June 7th primaries. Again, this looks to be the establishment having their way by mis naming things or mis directing the public. How do we effectively fight the criminally legal?

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