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Califorians / Clownafornians

ScreenHunter_08 May. 26 10.27 - CopyWith the passing of AB266 /SB643 & AB243 the world of medical cannabis will forever be changed. Prop 215 is headed to the glue factory, They are tired of kicking this dead horse. It’s not because Governor Jerry Brown signed it into law, but it’s due to the lack of patients allowing groups such as A.S.A. & N.O.R.M.L. to dictate what is best and now you will pay that expensive price soon to come.

Pot Monopoly 101, and such as life the banker always wins, when you look back at this corrupted illegal move that is nothing more than Teflon Don Duncan’s money paying off “The Right Ones”, when any non-transparent / backroom close door deal likely the public is left holding the reins.backdoor deal

Measure D was the perfect example of whats to come, but in a much larger volume, a state wide version. With any new monarchy will bring new changes to accommodate “their needs” and retrieve with interest all funding’s it took to get their agenda passed, that cost will be on you now.

What this means is patients growing more than a 100 sq ft plot without a license or doctors writing what they call “excessive prescriptions,” (what ever that means),  caregivers can no longer give or provide free medicine to their patients unless they are an authorized or licensed “primary caregiver,” who provides for all of the patients other needs, which sounds like nurses, to me if you have someone you trust and feel comfortable with can no longer provide your personal medicine.

For providers / growers anything over 500 sq ft. or over 5 patients will now be considered illegal, unless you are one of the chosen few that fit caregiver category. It will also stop how recommendations are written, it will have to be done by your primary doctor. Independent delivery services that are not a part of a store-front dispensary. Also delivery services that are not specifically allowed and licensed by that city’s local government will no longer be legal, with all of the red tape, regulations will make it impossible for any small grower or dispensary to compete with the mega-growers or dispensaries now in place waiting for the green light, and this is how and where a coercive monopoly will control all.coercive monopoly

Well it seems to late to cry now, but that is the way apparently Californians wanted?

God save the plant

William W. West


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