What Have We Learned So Far?

Eugene Davidovich 0052With every story there are always two sides, usually one is good the other not so good. In November of 1996 California passed A Compassionates Law called prop 215.  It took the world by storm and everyone watched as this was the first state to legally turn away from mislead federal law, acknowledging the medical value of cannabis.

While most were so excited about the change in California’s laws on cannabis, the evil side was plotting a coup to take over all sales and control the prices, which at the time this new needed medication could only be found in co-ops or collectives that were in compliance with California’s A.G.’s guidelines.

So along with Steve DeAngelo & Teflon Don Duncan a plan was designed from “The Art of War” where you create chaos within the area you wish to control, feed it until it becomes out of hand to control in a peaceful manner then come in with a plan of success to eliminate the problem (funded through your donations) in the cities. 1st it was Thinning of The Herds, this was from people attending seminars put of by Oaksterdam, B.P.G., N.O.R.M.L. and Teflon Don’s A.S.A. as the police begin to raid these cannabis outlets and being charged (they) needed a safe place to vent and tell “their” side. This was the perfect opportunity to gather the free information needed to know and control who’s growing and who’s supplying.  Exactly what could and would be used as a bargaining chip against competition.

2nd came “Restrictive Permitting and Safer Guidelines”

of course using Teflon Don Duncan’s Hollywood shop as “The Perfect Model”. This cost was such an offset to anyone trying to legally get into this new opportunity in medicine, this was the financial hurdle that had to be overcome. This also gave the federal government room to step in and observe from within, using fake recommendations and I.D.’s to set up the competition, hence Operation Endless Summer / Operation Green Rx, where funds were used to fund this through San Diego’s Asst.D.A. Chris Limberg and Miss. D.A. herself Bonnie Dumanis.

Teflon Don Duncan was able to gain a control hold with the passing of Measure D with it is rumored the shops allowed to remain open under this “grandfather Claus” have to pay a percentages of the profit to remain open according to Richard Albertine.

Now Californian’s have another evil lurking and trying to take away already established rights granted in prop 215 & S.B.420 from the people, it name is A.U.M.A.


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