San Diego’s Local Talent Trey Tosh

IMG_0051   Sometimes it’s nice to break away from my norm and record other interests I have, one is good music, and when one comes across an individual such as in the talents of Trey Tosh, it’s well worth the time to listen to.

Not only an accomplished guitarist, but this kid has vocals and insight, Trey plays to the crowd listening, from blues, hard rock, soul, top 10. If you like it, Trey usually plays it.

Not only does Trey play amazingly great, but Trey is not one to hog the spotlight, unless he is doing a “sit-in session” where it is Trey and his acoustic guitar, which to me a soloist has his / her hands full with competition, if he so inclined.

Always willing to talk to his audience and have a beer, but when he hits the stage, it’s a different zone he enters.

Always willing to sit and play anywhere, here is a video I shot in front of The U.S.S. Midway in San Diego, Ca

Within the local scene so many musicians have asked Trey to sit in and play, which has not been a mistake on their part. In this next video Trey is playing with Walter Gentry, a well known saxophone player, another video I hope you enjoy? I was lucky enough to get a call to go and listen to some of my friends play. Needless to say it was three elite musicians,San Diego’s best of the best, Trey Tosh, playing lead guitar and vocals, Walter Gentry on horns and back up vocals, and one of Trey’s old percussionist Jeremy Luvaas all jamming in front of The U.S.S. Midway


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