The Hall of Shame

AUMAThis awareness is something no one seems to touch on about A.U.M.A. is it’s ability to launder monies made by these hidden supporters. What a perfect format enabling this to occur. Take a moment and think back with all the new people attempting to change prop 215. Prop 19 was the beginning it the attempt to control something everyone has the right to use, produce, as well as distribute within these collectives as members and not to be legally harassed by law enforcement for doing so.

Now what I see as exposed is the politicians involved in our demise, in a fatal attempt to over-throw prop 215 to take away the rights patients now have, all in the name of greed.

What it seems as history is what should be looked at by everyone, the roots of California’s Compassions Act, and the evil it has raised within. When “The Green Rush” began it opened the doors of corruption and deceit. Beginning with “Restrictive Permitting, Stricter Guidelines” to Prop 19, AB2312, to Measure D A.S.A. American’s for Safe Access has never made any attempts so secure patients their given rights, it has created a Pot Monopoly, that can only be possible through corrupted city councils, be it through bribes, or promises of profit from, it is so openly clear someone is pulling the strings from within.

It’s you the voters that will soon have the final say, I hope? It’s your vote that will either become prop 215’s demise, or your own if A.U.M.A. passes. I need tyour vote

It should be these “shop keepers” that should be putting their monies into defeating this measure, after all it’s their asses on the line with the most to lose. When they lose, you lose, you’ll lose access to availability to choose where you do business and what product you’ll have access to. You price will sky rocket to pay back the financial backers , who will want their investments back A.S.A.P. as would most, that’s business 101.

Self given titles as “expert witness’s” that charge such a high amount to be there for the cause and $3,000.00 per day (Chris Conrad) for expenses, claim to be there to further the cause. Through controlled marijuana media leads you to believe they are on our side, noting how simple it is to fool stoned people into this charade.silence

poster-large[1] When you look close at A.U.M.A.’s wording it misleads you into thinking they are there to help, they are, but it is themselves they are helping. We all know monies gathered through the sales of Cannabis is illegal federally, A.U.M.A. gives them the avenue to launder this vas amount of hidden money, boxes and boxes of cash stored until the door opens for them to spend it and in A.U.M.A. is made possible.

Californian’s need to know if they allow A.U.M.A. to pass it will become more than a state wide effect, it will become nation wide. Do you need more restrictions or not? that is your choice to make, just remember it will also effect your children and their children’s access.


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