The True Cannabis “Movement” is A Civil Rights Movement

warriors     If you already have a right, you don’t need to “legalize” that right! It already is our civil right to grow all plants for food, fiber and medicine, but it is a specifically constitutionally-protected civil right for anyone with a doctor’s recommendation or approval to grow cannabis in California for personal use as medicine.

       Pro-cannabis, pro-medical marijuana people are coming from SF, LA, San  Diego, Sacramento and the Inland Empire to a medical marijuana Rally Against A.U.M.A. and the
 M.M.R.S.A. on Tuesday, March 29, 2016.  This rally is being co-sponsored by  several groups, including Patient Advocacy Network, Axis of Love, and
 Crusaders for Patients’ Rights, and monetary support for transportation and  food for impoverished patients are being donated by the many growers who have
 supported us through the decades. To add your name to the list of  co-sponsors, or to donate money for food and transportation, please contact any of the people cc’d above,

Shona, from Axis of Love,

Dege, from Patient Advocacy Network,

Lanette, From Crusaders for Patients’ Rights,

or Letitia Pepper, from Crusaders for Patients Rights  

The traitorous “normal” suspects — A.S.A., N.O.R.M.L., D.P.A., M.A.P.P., M.P.P., L.E.A.P., etc  won’t be using their mailing lists to get people to show up, so info  about this event will be via word of mouth/social media.

So please share  the hell out of this on social media. Pissed off people can show up with  signs against M.M.R.S.A. and A.U.M.A. on Tuesday, March 29, in front of the Sheraton  Hotel in Sacramento, 1230 J St, Sacramento, CA 95814.  Ditto signs against
 the state Legislature who created unconstitutional M.M.R.S.A.. Time to show up: anytime between 7:30 am and 6 pm.  But try to be there
 by 11 to make a good crowd for the press release.

There will be lots of  handouts and anti-AUMA stickers to wear, too.

Bring signs with slogans like “Defend Prop. 215,” “Defend Patients‘  Right to Medical Marijuana,”  “Marijuana Heals, Shawn Parker Steals,” etc.

     Anti-N.O.R.M.L., anti-A.S.A., anti-M.A.P.P., etc. signs would be welcome as far as  I, Letitia Pepper, am concerned.  I am offering a $50 prize for my three
 favorite protest signs!   

More announcements to follow.

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