Steve Kubby to Retire from Marijuana Activism – Still hopes to raise money for MCLR


After twenty years as a weed activist, I am leaving the world of weed politics. I’ve asked dispensary pioneer Lynnette Mont-eton Shaw to take over as Executive Director of AMMA.

My reason for these actions are as follows:

1) I am disappointed and fed up with the folks who are currently dominating legalization efforts. Drug Reformers have undergone some sort of dumbing down that is best explained by the movie “Idiocracy.” The notion that so many reformers would sign on to 62 pages of rules, regulations, fees, penalties and jail time to legalize just one ounce, in a state where it is already just a $100 ticket is just too dumb for words. I am stunned that so many activists would support six months in jail for anyone with over an ounce or more than six plants.

2) I’ve become especially disappointed with those who make their living exclusively as activists or heads of reform organizations. They seem much too cozy with the Establishment — to the point where I have serious concerns about their hidden agenda.

3) The challenges and rewards have moved to the business world. Fortunes are being made each day in the world of weed stocks. Oh sure, there are plenty of stories about losers, but in this weedy business climate, people are doubling their money in weeks. For example, CBDS shot up from 38 cents to $3.66 in two weeks.

4) My team has asked me to stop allowing myself to be distracted and focus on the incredible business opportunities that are unfolding right now. We now have over 6,500 investors in KUSH and they deserve to have folks like me devoting 100% to the company.

Let freedom grow,
Steve Kubby

Steve Kubby 2

If you would like more information on the California Legalization Initiative known as MCLR – Click here

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  • So Steve replaced himself with ” A.U.M.A.’s Lynette Shaw Another Proven Anti-Cannabis Activist” ?

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