A.U.M.A.’s Lynette Shaw Another Proven Anti-Cannabis Activist

   Lannett ShawLynette Shaw has proven out to be a liar.  According to her, and I quote, “Yes I did endorse the A.U.M.A. after Kevin Saunders made a fool out of himself and got thrown out of the Democratic Convention in San Jose. Also thrown out was Letitia Pepper, another foolish grandstander.1554549_588160504597008_1756680199_n
     Some people appear to be idiots, then they open their mouth and remove all doubt. Hey you guys, it doesn’t matter how smart or clever you are if you act dumb in public, you tend to tick people off, and get expulsed [sic; that should be “expelled,” Lynette]. What you accomplished was nothing for our (patients) cause, but reinforce negativity.”
Ms. Shaw is a liar,  because I was not thrown out of the Convention nor out of the Brownie Mary “so-called” Democratic Club party.
     I have copies this e-mail along with six other people who were present and are witnesses to these facts! What I don’t have are the e-mail address’s for two other people who were also witnesses, Brad and Gary.  As far as I know, Mr, Saunders was not thrown out of the (A.U.M.A.) Monopoly Convention.
        At least three people did try, unsuccessfully to have me removed: Lanny Swerdlow, (Teflon Don Duncan’s X flunky) Lanny Swerlow  the anti-democratic jerk who dictatorially turned the B.M.D.C. party into a pro-A.U.M.A. event; Sam H. Clauder II, the drug trafficker who paid for the banquet room for the event, and Tim Prince, Esq. (who was rumored, apparently is Mr. Clauder’s defense attorney against charges of child molestation).  These men all summoned various different security guards and convention officials to ask them to remove me, and as liars proved, their stories about why I should be removed failed to satisfy any of these officials.
     When these officials heard and saw the evidence that I was not only a B.M.D.C. member, but that I was on the list to be at the Convention, understanding that I had been told I could put out my political message at one of the tables, and I had been minding my own business when Sam H.Clauder begun to run at me screaming that I had called him a child molester on the DPA chat group (as opposed to his claim that I had assaulted him!), they declined to remove me and basically told the would-be censors to grow up and remember they were at a democratic convention where people are allowed to have opposing viewpoints, and for them  to stay away from me.   sam Clauder
    Coincidentally enough, the Bernie people were out in the adjacent hallway, demonstrating loudly against Hillary Clinton while Swerdlow and his cronies were being told that people were allowed to present opposing points of view.
      Even though I was not thrown out by Convention officials, after the officials left, and while Swerdlow watched on approvingly, Clauder and Prince unlawfully grabbed my materials off the table and carried them to the door where they threw them into the hallway. 
    Two of the disabled patients who were with me, Brad and Shawn, tried to stop them, and got roughed up for their efforts, as can be seen in the video footage one of them had been taking footage of what was going on.  Here is the initial “trailer” of a film that Shawn decided to make about what happened, and here is the  film.
     I think that after viewing this video of what actually was happening, most people will conclude that the only “grandstanding” being done was done by Lanny Swerdlow and Sam Clauder, both of whom threw screaming fits and, in Lanny’s case, slammed objects down as hard as possible, apparently attempting to try and scare me.  BTW, please note, starting at about 10:53 of this second video, Chris Conrad and “Grandad Mike” watching in the right-hand background, probably waiting for their opportunity to endorse  A.U.M.A.  Isn’t it amazing that the pre-event e-mails Lanny Swerlow sent to the Riverside B.M.D.C. knowingly keeping members in the dark when he never mentioned A.U.M.A., but only talked about a musical’s cast that would perform during the party?  Maybe he thought his local chapter would rebel if they knew he’d decided to use the party to endorse A.U.M.A. without a vote of the membership. Like his taking patients money to go to L.A. to vote for AB-2312 after Teflon Don Duncan had his store closed to open one of his own.
     Sadly, Brad and Shawn are both totally disabled, and have serious health problems that were exacerbated by the stressful situation and physical manhandling.  They needed to promptly go lie down and take their medications which they had left at our hotel. Their medications do not mean just cannabis. Unfortunately, I could not stick around to retrieve my stolen materials in the midst of a potential medical crisis, human beings come first!
     As I was preparing to get them back to the hotel,  Mr. Prince kept repeating, “You’re abandoning you stuff.”  Tim Prince esq I said, “No, I’m not, I have to take these guys back to the hotel right now, and I can’t gather up strewn papers and carry multiple heavy boxes now; I’ll get my stuff when I come back,”
     I left, and sure enough, after I was gone Prince instructed some convention workers to throw thousands of dollars worth of materials into the dumpsters.     Luckily for me, another B.M.D.C. member came back on the scene from getting a bite to eat, and saw the employees tossing my stuff into a dumpster.  He told them, “I know whose stuff that is, and I’m sure she wants it,” so they obligingly pulled it out of the dumpster and set it aside in the hallway for him, where he stood guard over it until I returned, and then he told me what had happened.
     Lynette Shaw lied when she claimed I was kicked out of the convention, now the question should be: why did Lynette Shaw show up on Saturday night to endorse A.U.M.A. if she wasn’t fully cognizant of its provisions; how were A.M.M.A.’s alleged members so quickly polled on their anti-A.U.M.A. position; and can Lynette Shaw properly represent a membership that does not share her personal opinion about A.U.M.A.?     Also, who hired her as Executive Director?  Was it a joint decision of Steve Kubby, Ed Rosenthal and David Jack?  They all claim to be A.M.M.A. directors even though I can’t find any evidence that A.M.M.A. is any kind of formal entity which would actually have a board of directors.  Do they have minutes that show that the hiring of an executive director was discussed and approved?ed Rosenthal


  • Hi, the above story was put together by The Weedly News’ editor by using an e-mail I posted to a few groups, and by adding some things to that e-mail. So, for example, he added the bit about Lanny Swerdlow using patients’ money to go vote for a bill that would benefit Don Duncan. I didn’t know about that, but it wouldn’t surprise me!
    I think Swerdlow has created groups so he can use a group name go appear bigger than he is, and so he can use a group’s name to endorse things that HE likes, but that the group itself might not endorse. I think he’s also created groups so he can
    profit from them in other ways.

  • Your stuff was never thrown into a dumpster because I was there to watch over it! Your welcome!


    AUMA is a tool to help get legalization because people will end up tired of decriminalization!

    Feeling sorry for the people you are slandering while doing your best to destroy their lives!

    Letitia you are nothing but a troll that has come into our community to abolish it!


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