“Legalization” Is the Trick by Which Corpora-tized State Takes Total Control of Cannabis for Itself and Returns to Arresting Any Competitors

Sean Parker  California is now facing the same turning point as other states that have “legalized” marijuana.  If California voters adopt Sean Parker Dr.Donald Lyman and Dr. Donald Lyman’s “California Adult Use of Marijuana Act,” it will be curtains for any home-grown or small medical marijuana growers in California.
    That is because AUMA gives the California Legislature, which has already shown its true colors by enacting the unconstitutional-as-violative-of-Prop.-215 Medical Marijuana Regulation & Safety Act (MMRSA), will use the power that AUMA gives it to revoke the alleged “rights” it gives to all adults to grow six plants for their personal use (albeit only indoors).
    Would your Legislature do that?  Of course they would — they don’t want anyone competing with them and they want a captive market that can be taxed as much as possible.
    Plus, the Marijuana Mafia loves this outcome too, because high prices for “legal” weed will increase the sales of cheaper black market weed.  Don’t think the Marijuana Mafia has been involved in both the enactment of MMRSA and of the effort to push AUMA as the “right” way to “legalize” weed?
    Don’t forget — the guy in the suspenders in the video below is Sam H. Clauder II, democratic central party functionary and drug trafficker.
   Clauder was caught smuggling $1 million of marijuana through Texas six days before he appeared at the Democratic Convention in San Jose to be the MC for an unvoted-upon-by-BMDC-members and unannounced-to-the-membership kick-off party for AUMA at the Brownie Mary Democratic Club’s party. So why is a drug trafficker in favor of AUMA?  Guess. Sam H.Clauder II
    For anti-AUMA handouts and temporary anti-AUMA stickers to wear at events, contact Letitia Pepper at letitiapepper@yahoo.com.  For someone to speak to any concerned group via the telephone, also contact her.
    Letitia Pepper has challenged Chris Conrad and Mikki Norris   to debate the actual consequences of AUMA being adopted as law, and is still waiting for them to rise to the challenge.  Feel free to contact them yourselves and demand that they agree to a debate. Chris & Mikki Conrad

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