Eugene Davidovich is a known narc working with Terrie Best to get Marijuana growers Arrested

Eugene Davidovich is a fake and a fraud. He had a prior arrest thrown out by the DA and the same judge who presided over his earlier trial. The dates actually appear as he was working for the cops the whole time.

Eugene Davidovich armaEugene Davidovich armaEugene Davidovich ARMAEugene Davidovich arma

Davidovich lies constantly. The only was you know he is lying is if you already know the truth. He is one of the best.

He also regularly steals the work of others and makes exxagerated claims.

He has also slandered and attacked others through the use of his puppet crew, a group of people with violent criminal records/ and or other drug crimes. He uses these people to commit assault, slander and harassment and stands by grinning.

ASA is not a non-profit, nor it is registered as any sort of legal entity. That is because it is actually a lobby for Don Duncan the multi-millionaire pot dealer who started Harborside, Berkely Patient group, Lapcg and many more, pulling an an estimate of $50 million per year or more.  Don Duncan is also a silent cash owner in numerous dispensaries according to one previous store owner who was later sent to federal prison.  He stated that Duncan bailed him out, got him lawyered up and then never spoke to him again, refusing to even accept phone calls.  This person stated that Duncan launders the cash money back to Amsterdam.

They pretend to be the spokespersons for patients. They are not. Don Duncan actually collects money from stores (cash) to pretend he is representing their interests and then uses that money to lobby for his level 4 zoning so only he and the other pot millionaires can sell weed. It is classic Al Capone. Davidovich or Duncan have absolutely nothing to do with working for patients.

The law says patients may collectively associate for the purposes of cultivation. There are no provisions for over the counter retail sales of marijuana in the law. If the city does want to allow this it needs to apply to everybody and not just be an open door for Don Duncan and his level 4 zoning proposal.

Finally, Terrie Best has been arrested and pled to Selling Meth, Heroin, stolen checks, fraud and forgery. Her partner in crime went to prison. She had the same prosecutor (Chris Lindberg) dismiss her case after treatment at stepping stones, which she was then required to complete dual diagnosis at UCSD psychiatric. She showed up 4 months after the operation GreenRx raids and did not use marijuana, but was trying to gather information.

terrie best chris lindberg (3) terrie best americans for safe access terrie best marijuana ASATerrie Best San Diego ASATerrie Best ASA MarijuanaAmericans For SAfe Access

Proof can and has been given repeatedly that Davidovich has instigated assaults, stolen patient computer databases, and instigated major harassment and slander campaigns. Further, his entire story is a lie.

There is a bigger story going on than just quoting the cities best psychopath. The “stop the ban” was a calculated diversion from the momentum that was being built up when several stores pitched in $20,000 to get an initiative on the ballot that would allow for zoning. ASA, Davidovich, or his handlers did not want that to happen.

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