Americans for Safe Access is front for Organized Crime?


A GROUP CALLING ITSELVES “AMERICANS FOR SAFE ACCESS” IS NOTHING MORE THAN A FRONT FOR HARBORSIDE AND CORRUPTION.  Americans for Safe Access is actually a front for Harborside Marijuana Mafia Monopoly.  Can anybody explain to me how a man with a major cocaine conviction in Maryland that should have received a 3-5 year prison sentence, then went on to be a major world narc for the DEA and now is a Pot Monopoly Kingpin?

Davidovich working for Sd-ASA sabotages efforts at Reasonable Zoning for Storefront Collectives

Is Don Duncans pot monoply behind SD-ASA VIOLENCE AND INTIMIDATION?

ASA and the Federal Connection – Goal ASA Pot Monopoly

When you break it down it’s not that hard to see why Don Duncan and Steph Sherer making deals with the Federal Government to enact a plan for federal distribution of medical marijuana.
Failure to achieve zoning for collectives is vital to understanding the next steps. This failure is a direct result of the “California Cartel” based out of Oakland, CA., a lobby group calling themselves “Americans For Safe Access”. This group allegedly started with organized crime money from Amsterdam, which founder Don Duncan brought with him to set up Berkely Patient Group and Harborside in Oakland, a city known for gangs and drugs, where $politicians$ were easily had. To dominate what they saw as a lucrative commercial pot market, first calling themselves the Berkley Patient Alliance, they lobbied to have themselves a “restrictive permit” which would forbid other collectives and eliminate competition. This worked and just those two stores bring in well over $70 million per year.
Don Duncan then moved to LA and set up several stores, one of which is LAPCG. Sources say this store brings in about $30,000 per day. Duncan was quickly able to secure a local politician in his back pocket and carve out a “restrictive permit” to keep other stores out of West Hollywood. Duncan also operated under CannBe Corporation and Harborside Management Associates with a new blueprint strategy and began his quest to get the federal government to allow him sole and his investors sole distribution rights.
Americans for Safe Access is a front lobby, not a social movement. They hold groups and operate like a cult, insisting that members never question, but only follow orders. Follow leaders around with signs, stand behind them, as the leaders go in the back room and make deals for themselves and their wealthy investors. ASA is not about medical marijuana. Not about medical patients. Not about ending arrests and prosecutions. ASA is about greed. ASA leaders and followers will do anything to secure their right to sell marijuana, including threaten murder, commit assault, set people up, conduct smear campaigns, disrupt meetings and threaten people in groups working on zoning or rights for all medical marijuana users. There are no limits. ASA is a front for organized crime, pure and simple. It is important for us all to watch Don Duncans stores to see if they are closed, as the government is threatening to do to the average citizen. These stores are Berkely Patient Group, Harborside, LAPCG, Mother Earth Cooperative – El Cajon,Desert Organic Solutions store in Palm Springs, Santa Barbara and Venice Beach. Combined these stores bring in an estimate $150 million per year. So why are you being told you are violating the law while the largest marijuana dealer in the state of California remains untouched?
ASA – Don Duncan has a blueprint which has worked successfully in numerous cities. This is a blueprint where he creates chaos, undermines all attempts at zoning, and then walks in and offers himself as the solution to the chaos he helped create in order to secure himself an exclusive license to sell marijuana in that city. This has been confirmed repeatedly and has spread to other states where they use $$$ mega money to lobby politicians looking at medical marijuana to reject allowing patients to grow for themselves and instead encourage governments to allow 4 stores for which they negotiate at least two of those stores for themselves securing their marijuana millions.  According to our sources Don Duncan is a silent owner in most of the PROP D stores in Los Angeles.  According to at least one source Duncan launders this money back to Amsterdam.

ASA Narcs – According to attorney Mark Bleumel who represented Dion Markgraafs co-defendant, Mark actually saw with his own eyes the contract Dion has with the DA to rat people out. CashinBis Dion MarkgraffThis is Dion’s latest scam.  Turn over your life savings and he will make you rich.  Think again.  I would not go near this man with a ten foot pole.  A true snake in the grass who used ASA followers as human cannon fodder for many years before being pushed over by known Narc Eugene Davidovich.  Dion’s 3rd arrest was so strange that his plea agreement actually said if he left the country for 18 months (while the govt got their agent Davidovich into power) that Dion’s charges would be dropped.  This is not a man I would trust with money.

ASA Narcs – Terrie Best is a known narc and always has been prior to coming to ASA.  She did not use marijuana, was brought in by alleged Fed Eugene Davidovich.  Her job will be to gather information to shut down the competition and bust home grows.  Stay away from this group if you want to survive.  Documents below showed that her handlers (Detective Timothy Norris and Operation GreenRx Planner Chris Lindbergh) were also related to Davidovich’s fake cases which police activity put him in perfect alignment

ASA Narcs – Don Duncan was probably with the DEA since prior to the passage of prop 215 the DEA was having meetings to destroy prop 215.  Don has made millions being a supernarc.  If he was not with them from the beginning, he certainly began his super-narc career in 2007 after his store was raided.

ASA Narcs – Eugene Davidovich, according to attorney Mara Felsen is actually a federal agent.  See documents below.  Eugene Davidovich first appeared publicly with a man later identified as Detective Carlson.  Strangely enough the fake videos with Davidovich yelling at cops were made with his handler Detective Carlson.  His fake stories in Nug included Detective Carlson.  Davidovich was put in my the City Attorneys office to shut down stores.  Strangely enough Ken Cole, who had a marijuana store in downtown San Diego stated that it was his friend IN THE CITY ATTORNEYS office who set him in that store.  BECAUSE CORRUPTION IS AT THE LOCAL LEVEL.  DAVIDOVICH HAS NOW SET UP A GROUP CALLED ARMA WHICH SOLE PURPOSE IS TO ELIMINATE COMPETITION FOR THE POT MONOPOLY.  YES, THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY

ASA Narcs – Eugene Davidovich brought Fed Narc Michael Lamas (aka Llamas) into the mix, introducing him as a wealthy Mexican banker.  Records show Michael Llamas is a federal Narc from Tracy California. They get %20 of your money if they can locate is and set you up.  Eugene Davidovich and Michael Llamas are busy convincing people with drug money to tell them where it is.  Innocent people who simply have money to invest get ripped off by this group of schemers also. ARMA michale llamas eugene davidovich 4165661_13608988298246_6So the FEDS move Michael LLamas down to San Diego to work with what attorney Mara Felsen calls “a Fed”.  (Eugene Davidovich)  4165661_13608988298246_10

ASA Narcs – Stephen DAngelo is said to have had a federal deal before he opened Harborside due to the work he agreed to with the DEA to set up worldwide drug organizations.  Like Al Capone before him, the government could only go after him for taxes as he was protected from any other kind of arrest.ASA Americans for Safe Access

ASA Stooges – Many.  In every city ASA recruits mentally unstable meth addicts to stalk and harass their enemies.  To undermine freedom, to undermine fair competition.  These people do not even know they are being used.  They realize it after they have been shoved off to the side, given a menial task whose real purpose is to give the pot monopolists distance from their stooges.  Left in the photo is Neil Plastique who records information and sells it to the police.  Center is Terrie Best, a known narc prior to being recruited by Eugene Davidovich to gather info on people.  Linda Davies gathers info on people to be used against them.  Man on right is unknown.  There are many.  If you find yourself at an ASA meeting you can safely assume anybody who has been there for more than 8 years is working as a narc.  The people that run it are NARCS.  They are trying to control the pot business and make money for themselves.  They will stop at nothing, including murder.Neil Plastique Linda Terrie

This is a simple version of that blueprint:
Encourage massive stores to open at once by sponsoring and/or heavily promoting a school which will operate with unethical compliance with the ASA agenda. In San Diego this is “Legal Cannabis Institute”.

Complaint: SEC v. James E. Franklin, et al.

Due Diligence will show that Nicole Scott and her common law husband were recently involved in a federal fraud case for defrauding investors of approx $4 million dollars – google “James E Franklin Federal Case” for more info

Find shady lawyers who will lead seminars or classes for $99.00 where the lawyer (in San Diego this is Kim Simms and Lance Rogers) will instruct that you too can enter the “cannabusiness” for several thousand more dollars you can legally sell marijuan out of a retail storefront. Kim Simms had just graduated law school with no real legal experience yet was violating attorney ethics for soliciting clients and advising them to break the law by setting up retail storefronts.
Lance Rogers was working for Davidovich and the ASA restrictive permitting plan the entire time he was taking in thousands by advising that retail stores were legal, all the while knowing full well that they would be shut down once his deal with Davidovch ASA “Mother Earth” was finalized. (If you used either of these attorneys, as well as Jeff Lake, Jessica McElfresh, James Warner, or any other attorney whose primary business seems to be taking several thousand dollars to assure you that you can operate a retail storefront you should seek new council immediately and if you get arrested do not use the attorney who set you up in this store or anybody they recommend. These attorneys are legally responsible for advising you to do this. They cannot and will not help you and protect their own interest at the same time. One of them is under enditement already and the others are being investigated. Sending that attorney a demand letter for a full refund is a legitimate reaction, and a bar complaint is a simple two page paper which should be done by each and every storefront which is being shut down after operating at the advice of one of these attorneys. Google “California Bar Complaint’.


Start up a magazine appearing to represent marijuana interest but really presenting disinformation creating chaos and promoting ignorance as to the reality of the ASA agenda. In San Diego this is ASA propaganda magazine NUG MAG which was started by Dion Markgraaf, San Diego ASA founder, and controlled by Eugene Davidovich, current San Diego ASA leader. This magazine will promote the school and attorneys that are knowingly part of this ASA blueprint.  Eugene Davidovich admits applying for NCIS, and documents show that he was a snitch of some level, probably federal working with the city attorneys office to create a pot monopoly (for people who are connected at the city and local levels).  See Documents below.  Davidovich brought in Terrie Best, also a known snitch, heroin and meth dealer, multiple fraud convictions.  She is the puppet for Duncans market bid.  See documents below

nug mag

When the city has approximately 100 stores, Don Duncan and ASA lobbyists will approach city officials that giving them an exclusive right to sell marijuana is the answer to what they will call “the proliferation of dispensaries”, which they created to setup the very scenario, which uniformed city officials who are not aware that this is an organized crime syndicate will sometime fall for
In San Diego this is Mother Earth Cooperative which Eugene Davidovich and Don Duncan set up and found front man Bob Reidell who is a lifelong friend of ASA leader Dion Markgraaf

ASA store Mother Earth was the plan all along

The shutdowns begin. – This is where we currently are at this point
Once the shutdowns start, ASA group will convince it’s most loyal followers that “safe access” means they help locate collectives and groups, even those actually working as cultivation groups to eliminate them. Anybody perceived as “competition” will be set up or eliminated.
Even if you do not live in SanDiego it is important that you fully understand this blueprint because San Diego activist were warned prior to the start, and as they worked on achieving zoning that would allow collective groups to operate under state law, they were no match for the organized crime and violence, threats and harassment set up by Don Duncans San Diego ASA. Americans for Safe Access is nothing more than an organized crime cartel, using short haircuts and ties to present the appearance to government that they are legitimate, all the while threatening murder and mayhem outside the city and county offices.

If in San Diego What you can do now.

If you moved here from another city to take advantage of the lucrative commercial distribution of marijuana that you were told was legal and you have not been arrested yet, it would be a good time to pack up and go home before you do get arrested.
If you have a contract to advertise with NUG MAG, you have a legal right to NULL and VOID that contract as RasMike from NUGRadio did disclose that Nug Mag has lied to advertisers, with their circulation being only 10% of what they claimed when they sold it to you.
If you went through a class at Legal Cannabis Institute you should file a claim with the Attorney Generals office and file a smalll claims suit for you money back. You also may want to write up a letter and send it to all govt officials involved in this crackdown that this “school” and the attorneys working with it (Lance Rogers and Kim Simms) solicited you, advised you to open this retail model of storefront.

File a complaint – against “legal” cannabis institute

If you used any attorney that advertises their primary business as setting up these stores and then takes thousands of dollars from you by assuring you that it is legal as long as you give them $2,000-$5,000 you are entitled to a refund, a bar complaint should be filed, and a new attorney should be consulted immediately.
If you get arrested you should insist that the attorney who instructed you on how to operate your storefront should be arrested also as they told you what to do and when you did you were arrested. This makes them as responsible as you. Bar Complaint link: Filing a Complaint

Don Duncan asks San Diego for Restrictive Permitting Process – New Proof!
Good luck. We will continue to bring you the raw truth at

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2008 in Sacramento was a blueprint for 2011 in San Diego, this link shows the email obtained under the Freedom of Information Act as the marijuana community up there watched as Don Duncan monopolized their city with his greedy plan: Don Duncan sends letter to city council to urge moratorium on Dispensaries – RESTRICTIVE PERMITTING SCAM – ASA POT MONOPOLY

Pot Monopoly Violence and Intimidation in San Diego Is Don Duncans pot monoply behind SD-ASA VIOLENCE AND INTIMIDATION?

FILE A BAR COMPLAINT IF A LAWYER TOLD YOU OVER THE COUNTER SALES IS LEGAL She has never defended a single client, nor even sat through a criminal trial outside of law school. She lives in a cheap apartment and she wants money. Another attorney, a would be failed actor who went to law school got lucky on his first trial, due to an unrelated revolt occuring during that time when all the judges at the San Diego courthouse were mad at the DA for blacklisting a well respected judge. The judge in that case gave a free pass to the defense to put on whatever they wanted. After this one and only trial he declares himself a superstar of cannabis defense. Another woman has to find a new way to make money. Her husband just settled the federal case against him for defrauding investors out of nearly $4 million dollars. She decides to capitalize on the current rush of young ganjapreneurs by putting on classes for people interested in making money in the “marijuana industry”. Complaints fly around about schemes and scams surrounding the owner of that school. For $2,500 she will consider investing $25,000 in your business. Or not. No refund. Or if you are a grower she may set up a job for you, collect the money and tell you she is keeping it because the person was not satisfied. In a pinch she may throw a half assed grow class for $250.00 in an apartment where people complain they left learning nothing. This school is heavily promoted by ASA interests of course, b/c they need human cannon fodder to offer up as sacrifice when they try to use what a problem you are as a trade for themselves to get a restrictive permit. Never mind all that. For $99.00 bucks you can listen to these attorneys advise you to ignore federal law, and that you too can earn mega dough by opening your own storefront dispensary. The only catch is that they want an extra $3,000.00 or so to fill out the $35.00 worth of paperwork so you to can be “non-profit”. And boom, you are off. This exciting new industry, full of potential. How exciting that you are making $10,000-$50,000 a month out of your store. And if “non-profit” means you are compassionate, well you are that too. You care don’t you? And then comes the notices. “This business is not legal”- – “Closure” – “Raids” – “Arrest” – “Bail” – “Prosecution” — Are you a felon? Wait a minute. Didn’t your attorney tell you this is legal? Question: Is this attorney responsible for returning the legal fees for this ill advised venture? Question: Can this attorney be charged federally for conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance? Question: “Is this attorney going to pay your legal fees if you are charged as a criminal? What about future wages lost due to being a convicted felon?” Question: Should you consider suing your attorney? The issues brought up here are serious. If you attended a “school” where an attorney solicited you to pay them to tell you it was legal to run a for profit dispensary, by filing non-profit paperwork you should immediately take several steps: 1)Consult an attorney outside of the current medical marijuana clique and ask their legal advice on what kind of trouble you may be looking at. Certainly stay away from any attorney associated with ASA (Americans for Safe Access). In our opinion they are more allegiant to the restrictive permitting pot monopoly that ASA is a front for, than you. If your attorney is affiliated with ASA, it is our opinion that you should retain new counsel immediately. 2)Send a letter to your attorney informing them that you are operating 100% under their direction and consider them liable if you should be arrested. In addition, if you received a “closure” notice, demand a refund of the several thousand dollars they bilked you for. Perhaps file a small claims case. The judges might vote in your favor seeing as how most of them hate medical marijuana. 3)File a bar complaint. In federal court last year, a federal judge made it very clear as one man was on his way to federal prison for a marijuana store, the attorney advising his client to do this was liable. Bar complaints are easy to fill out. Check it out here – Complaint Form 4)Fill out a detail accounting of all advice this attorney gave to you, and give it to your new attorney if you get raided, arrested or face trial. __________________________________________________________ The end game for ASA (as we see it – meaning this is an opinion) is to use you as the example as to why THEY (ASA) should have an exclusive right to sell and have you shut down as competition. You see, dozens or hundreds of stores give the local governments incentive to want to shut them down, and ASA offers them the way. That is to give the investors with ASA an exclusive permit, aka “restrictive permit”, aka “conditional use permit”, and according to the founder of ASA – this will “end the proliferation of dispensaries”. BTW, this is the same group that runs “Nug Mag” and all the propaganda in it. So what you hear is what they want you to hear. They don’t want to know that we almost had reasonable zoning in San Diego, and they undermined it. They don’t want you to know that they lobbied to get rid of you through this restrictive permitting. One leader of this group was seen clapping as the SD City Council passed it’s restrictive ban. This would mean that the ASA investment “Mother Earth Cooperative” in El Cajon get all your customers and make, oh, about $50 million per year. They have no problem agreeing to turn over all your patients and grower info, photos, records of transactions and home addresses over to law enforcement, you see, that was the code number that was briefly listed in their membership agreement. You know, we follow code 21.25 et al. – Yeah, what they don’t explain to people who walk through their pearly gates is that they are sharing all the info they get with law enforcement. You can thank attorney Lance Rogers for that, ASA clinger IMHO, he is not only misleading a community IMHO, he is endangering a community (fact). And Nug Mag did everything to keep you from hearing much about the referendum to overturn this ban. How could they? They are run and owned by the same people who are accepting your advertising dollars, all the while making deals to shut you down. Let me know if this clears things up for you. And if your wondering why the Feds are saying the medical marijuana movement has been hijacked by those seeking to make money, well, now you know why. sb420 – “This does not allow any group or individual to distribute for profit” It says it twice. It was never supposed to be a business. Making money was not supposed to be the goal. It is not an “industry” so don’t call it that when you go to city council. The law allows you to cultivate with other patients. And if a group that violently enforces it’s claim to “represent the sick and dying” (cough cough bullshit) – ASA – aka “Americans for Safe Access” really did, it would have been working setting up small group grows and earning the respect of a government who didn’t want cartels. IMHO, “ASA?” It’s is the biggest cartel on the West Coast.

“They also stand in front of the Oakland CO-op (ID) center and handing out Fliers telling people of their store. ASA is funded by Harborside, and they treat competition like the mafia, first they are approached and warned that they should close, then, comes the cops.”” Analyzing the City Beat Article. This is the cooperative ASA founder Don Duncan wants WeedlyNews to stop talking about so much that he sent San Diego ASA leader and NUG Mag ASA propaganda Rag (imho) Dion Markgraaf to implore that we bury the story about how ASA is most likely the “HIDDEN INVESTOR” of this MEGA-WEEDMART, which stands to make 50 million – 100 million per year if they can just get the city to close all the stores! Wow, has greed HIJACKED the medical marijuana movement? Why, YES, it has. THE RESTRICTIVE PERMITTING LIE THAT ASA FOUNDER USES TO HIJACK A MOVEMENT AND MONOPOLIZE THE MARIJUANA INDUSTRY A very reputable high ranking INSIDER in Bay Area ASA gives of this inside look, “They also stand in front of the Oakland CO-op (ID) center and handing out Fliers telling people of their store. ASA is funded by Harborside, and they treat competition like the mafia, first they are approached and warned that they should close, then, comes the cops.”” Today, finally a mainstream news source touches on the story we have been covering for over a month Let’s check out some quotes from today’s City Beat article and we will give you our take: 1)City Beat on analyzing protecting patients and grower information – ”conclusion was grim — collectives seem more interested in protecting their product than protecting patient privacy.” Our Reply: No more so than the new WEEDMART, ASA invested, controlled and arranged (allegedly) MOTHER EARTH HEALING ALTERNATIVE COOPERATIVE in El Cajon. _____________________________________________________ 2) from city beat: “”the biggest question might be who has access to the information”” Our reply – “AGREED“ ____________________________________________________ 3) From City Beat – “”That these collectives aren’t even taking steps to disclose their policies and the risks to patients is alarming. Giving patients notice of the policy, Givens says, is the most important policy of all.”‘ our reply, “AGREED“ _____________________________________________________ 4)From City Beat – “” all the collective paperwork CityBeat and PRC analyzed, Mother Earth’s agreement required the most information, including basic medical history, current health problems and other medications taken.”‘”” did not include anything in the way of privacy disclosures”” our reply, “That and MORE. Mother Earth has agreed to make all patient and grower records available to LAW ENFORCEMENT UPON REQUEST – No warrant needed, no attempts to protect it’s members and growers. ______________________________________________________ 5) from city beat quoting Bob Reidel, frontman for WEEDMART, ““We track how many dollars they’ve spent, how many types of medicine they purchased, the type of medicine, the quantity of medicine,” Riedel says.””I need my print-out for the last year of what I’ve done with you guys.’ They can give you that. We can, too.”‘” our reply, ‘THANKS FOR THAT INFO RIEDEL, YOU FORGOT TO INCLUDE THE ADDRESSES OF GROWERS AND PATIENTS THAT YOU ARE SHARING WITH LAW ENFORCEMENT UPON REQUEST AND WITH NO WARRANT NEEDED. And he is. From what we hear, Reidel, the software company have been working with the Sheriff to make all the information as accessible and easy to under stand as possible, yet Reidel, Davidovich, Don Duncan and others have worked to NOT LET YOU BE INFORMED ABOUT THIS SITUATION, in addition remember that NUG MAG is an ASA propaganda RAG that is ASA funded and owner Dion Markgraaf is the former ASA leader, still pulling strings and friends with Don Duncan by at least 1995. OUR OPINION – Things are going to rapidly deteriorate in San Diego’s mmj community, as the investors who put big money into Mother Earth expecting 50-100 million a year, use the information that ASA Davidovich has been gathering for the last year and half to close down the stores so they can eliminate their competion. (By the same unwitting collectives actually spending money to adverstise in NUG Magazine which by all appearance is FUNDING THEIR DEMISE, in my opinion) this is from an email about what goes on with Americans for SAFE access in the bay area: “They also stand in front of the Oakland CO-op (ID) center and handing out Fliers telling people of their store. ASA is funded by Harborside, and they treat competition like the mafia, first they are approached and warned that they should close, then, comes the cops.”” ————————————————————————————————– 6) We have attorney Lance Rogers input. Lance Rogers is representing this weedmart, ASA linked Investment AND WHAT HE APPEARS TO BE DOING IS PURPOSELY NOT LETTING PATIENTS AND GROWERS BE AWARE OF THE RISK THEY ARE TAKING WHEN THEY WALK THROUGH THE DOOR OF EL CAJONS MOTHER EARTH COOPERATIVE.


The Thief of San Diego – – YouTube As far as my person opinion, Lance Rogers got lucky on the first Jovan Jackson case b/c all the judges were mad at Bonnie Dumanis for blacklisting respected judge Einhorn, at is was judge Cynthia Bashants last criminal trial before she was moving on so she did not care about Bonnie’s agenda. Judge Bashant allowed the defense to do what they wanted in the first case. By the second trial, the Davidovich inner circle had bullied, harassed and assaulted those who normally attend court support, to enable him to be the only voice, those who went anyway were harassed by Davidovich and company. From what I say, my opinion is that “attorney LANCE ROGERS” HAD HIS HEAD SO FAR UP DAVIDOVICH’S ASS THAT HE FAILED TO REPRESENT HIS CLIENT ADEQUATELY. Davidovich made waves in the press about how ASA was going to APPEAL for Jovan Jackson, but insiders tell us that as soon as the cameras were gone, so was ASA, and another attorney had to write the appeal. ASA should have appealed, especially since it was Eugene’s doing that Lance did not bother to fight for his client (my opinion) instead, just declaring that they would appeal the issue of sales, and (my opinion) allowing his $$ investment $$ Davidovich – ASA – Mother Earth Coop – Staged Case $$ (my opinion) to DISTURB THE COURTROOM to try to draw publicity to HIMSELF, and created a situation where the judge had a metal detector installed, by which Davidovich then claimed it was the judges fault, when Davidovich and Marcus Boyd had stood up and disrupted the courtroom to the point all this was necessary, and those in attendance, observed, THAT IT APPEARED LANCE ROGERS, THE “ATTORNEY” WAS ACTUALLY TAKING ADVICE ABOUT HOW TO PROCEED FROM DAVIDOVICH….(allegedly and in my opinion) Back to the story at hand. The purpose of the above piece of information is to tie in attorney Lance Rogers, with Eugene Davidovich who literally it is hard to see Lance’s face anymore, b/c it is so far up Davidovichs ASA, I mean ASS. Now we know why, don’t we? How much will Lance Rogers make representing Mother Earth Cooperative? How much did he make teaching at LCI about how you too can open a store, only to be working with the same people….well, this goes on….but in our opinion you are intelligent enough to put two and two together. Okay, so here is the quote from Lance Rogers, as taken from the City Beat article, “ Lance Rogers, the attorney who represents Mother Earth, why its paperwork doesn’t disclose the issue of warrantless law-enforcement access to records. Rogers responded that the agreement does state that the cooperative is “operating in full compliance” with “San Diego County Code 21.2501,” the ordinance that requires the access. We asked Rogers whether it was fair to assume patients know that’s what “full compliance” means. “It’s my position that stating the law does put the patient on notice, but if there is additional information that would make it more clear, I’m happy to review it,” Rogers says. _Our Reply: How SNIDE is that – Attorney Lance Rogers gets our BAD ATTORNEY of the MONTH AWARD for jeapordizing a medical marijuana community- IMHO and Allegedly _TO READ WHAT LANCE ROGERS, BOB REIDELL, EUGENE DAVIDOVICH, ASA, AND THE INVESTORS DONT WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT, CLICK HERE: _______________________________________________ CITY BEAT ARTICLE: PORTIONS THEREOF – TO SEE THE ARTICLE IN IT’S ENTIRETY CHECK THE CITY BEAT MAGAZINE OR WEBSITE Medical-marijuana patients are in collective denial Membership agreements favor the pot dispensary over personal privacy Illustration by Adam Vieyra “”Patient X decides to pursue the simplest path to obtaining medical marijuana….Throughout the process, Patient X’s anonymity has the potential to be compromised. He’s leaving a trail of sensitive data: medical information and evidence that he procured a drug that’s still illegal under federal law.”” …CityBeat obtained a variety of blank membership agreements from San Diego collectives, a few directly from the dispensaries but most through lawyers who represent multiple collectives. Some of the agreements are a single page and took less than 30 seconds to fill out, while others comprised several stapled pages requiring item-by-item initialing. For analysis, we provided the documents to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (PRC), a locally based national organization that advocates for consumer privacy through education and lobbying. The conclusion was grim — collectives seem more interested in protecting their product than protecting patient privacy. “The agreements, to me, are really more conditions that the members have to abide by in order to participate in the program,” PRC research director Tena Friery says. “I don’t see too much that’s reciprocal on the part of collective.” Unlike pharmacies, there are no regulations that universally govern how collectives must handle personal information, leaving each collective to make up its own rules. “Right now, it is self-regulation,” says Eugene Davidovich, the local spokesperson for the pro-medical-marijuana Americans for Safe Access. “It is an emerging field where standards are being developed as we go.”


However, there are some general principles, often referred to as FIPS (Fair Information Practices), that the PRC looks for in privacy agreements. These elements include disclosing what data is collected; how it’s used, stored and secured; and how long it’s retained. For medical-marijuana patients, the biggest question might be who has access to the information. “Several of these [agreements] mention that law enforcement could get access, but they don’t really mention, any of them, a requirement of a court-ordered warrant,” PRC director Beth Givens says. “So, you could get an aggressive law-enforcement officer walking in without a warrant just saying, ‘Give me this information,’ and it sounds to me like these collective operators might just sort of roll over and say, ‘Yup, here is it.’”] (Allegedly lobbied for and paid for by ASA founder Don Duncan, using Davidovich, and from what we here these people are allegedly chomping at the bit waiting for the city to close all the stores so they can start raking in the Mullah $$), Mother Earth spokesperson Bob Riedel says the collective maintains a tight ship when it comes to privacy: Records are kept in locked filing cabinets, they never the leave the site and they aren’t shared without written consent. patient and grower confidentiality OUT THE DOOR! “This definitely needs to be disclosed to collective members,” Givens says. “I think there is a potential for abuse, and, to me, that’s a significant issue.” “It’s my position that stating the law does put the patient on notice, but if there is additional information that would make it more clear, I’m happy to review it,” Rogers says. That these collectives aren’t even taking steps to disclose their policies and the risks to patients is alarming. Giving patients notice of the policy, Givens says, is the most important policy of all.*** Of all the collective paperwork CityBeat and PRC analyzed, Mother Earth’s agreement required the most information, including basic medical history, current health problems and other medications taken. It did not include anything in the way of privacy disclosures. evertheless, “We track how many dollars they’ve spent, how many types of medicine they purchased, the type of medicine, the quantity of medicine,” Riedel says. “Everything is tracked, just like if you go Rite Aid. You can go to Rite Aid right now and say, I need my print-out for the last year of what I’ve done with you guys.’ They can give you that. We can, too.”‘ In July, Mother Earth’s Alternative Healing Cooperative in East County became the first dispensary to receive official clearance to operate legally under San Diego County’s collective ordinance. One reason they collect that information is that it’s a requirement of the county ordinance. Another clause in the ordinance says that the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department must have access to these records, as well as a complete roster of the collective’s membership. This isn’t spelled out on the membership agreements. “This definitely needs to be disclosed to collective members,” Givens says. “I think there is a potential for abuse, and, to me, that’s a significant issue.” “This definitely needs to be disclosed to collective members,” Givens says. “I think there is a potential for abuse, and, to me, that’s a significant issue.” CityBeat asked Lance Rogers, the attorney who represents Mother Earth, why its paperwork doesn’t disclose the issue of warrantless law-enforcement access to records. Rogers responded that the agreement does state that the cooperative is “operating in full compliance” with “San Diego County Code 21.2501,” the ordinance that requires the access. We asked Rogers whether it was fair to assume patients know that’s what “full compliance” means. “It’s my position that stating the law does put the patient on notice, but if there is additional information that would make it more clear, I’m happy to review it,” Rogers says.

To read the full City Beat Article click here: Medical-marijuana patients are in collective denial Thanks for jeapordizing the mmj community LANCE ROGERS


Update 2016.  We are on the eve of losing medical marijuana rights under AUMA, which actually destroys prop 215 through deceptive logic.  AUMA THROWS A FEW BONES TO THE UNSUSPECTING WHO WILL NEVER READ PAST THE FIRST 2 PAGES.

AUMA promises to protect 215 (as modified unconstitutionally by MRSA).  Yet, AUMA cements in MRSA thereby destroying prop 215 – THAT WAS A LIE

AUMA promises you can grow 6 plants (but states later the legislature can modify or change any part of AUMA)

What AUMA really is a conspiracy to control the pot market and both Don Duncan and his ASA crew are totally in on it.  They must keep black market prices to make the billions they dream of.  To do this, you must be a criminal for growing your own pot.  They must eliminate competition and keep a false price market.  The only way they can do this is to CRIMINALIZE HOME GROWS AND SMALL FARMERS.

Wait, you are think…AUMA gives 5 years for midsize farmers to save up and compete with Monsanto and RJ Reynolds, Pfizer and the others.

Oh no, you are wrong.  AUMA GIVES THE LEGISLATURE RIGHTS TO CHANGE ANYTHING THEY WANT, ANYTIME.  Do you seriously think the lobbyists for Monsanto are not going to pay a legislator to put a bill in that gives them full rights to take over the market.


So here we are.  California Marijuana consumers, cultivators are about to get screwed by the billionaires.

This article is being reprinted so that activists in other states can listen and learn.  ASA has professional smear teams.  They use mentally ill meth addicts like their puppet leader Terri Best (convicted of meth and heroin sales as well as two separate fraud charges years apart) and others to stalk, harass, and smear others.  They use known narcs working with the DA office to eliminate competition. They use corrupt cops to shut down their competition.


The United States Government is controlled by Corporations.  Americans for Safe Access is selling medical marijuana patients out to the highest bidder.

The people that actually need medical marijuana will be the ones left out in the cold.  Hopefully activists in other states will read this and learn.

To learn more, please peruse this site.


To learn more specifics about the Harborside DEA plan to raise up the black market, steal the cannabis seeds for Monsanto and more:

Another recommended article is

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