ASA and Soros – Monsanto Funded Marijuana Groups show their True Colors

ASA rr   There is nothing new about  exposing A.S.A. and the other groups to many to name, with their “hidden agenda’s” and we all know them. Their appearance begins as if you’ve found the answer to your personal insight of legalizing cannabis / pot / marijuana / marihuana /what ever name you so choose it is cannabis. Medication for so many of us that know the side-effects from long use of pharmaceuticals that rob more than help with one’s quality of life vs quantity of life. quality vs Quanity

When Jack Herer came on the scene with the information our own government was covering up the history of hemp and it’s valuable uses, food, fuel, fiber, clothes, and medication could be extracted without harmful side-effects. Jack Herer to this writer is our Johnny Appleseed, This in turn was the foundation to California’s Compassionate’s Act aka. Prop 215 structured so that the only LEGAL changes to it can only be made through the voters. No single judge,  or court room can legally.  It is why cannabis patients are protected today.

With exposing groups that have attempted to undermine it’s followers with cover up intentions claiming to “be there for you to help” when in fact it was to get the people to sway away from information and listen to the loudest voice making false claims of being patient oriented when that word no longer seems to exist in cannabis / marijuana conversations or articles. Stay with us here. This whole process was created for sick and dying human beings could have a choice in what went into their (body) system. I have heard so many say, “What they prescribe is a slower death with no quality, a zombie type of life”.

This is where the line of division lies, with so many changing back to natural herbal medications, the opportunist’s door now is open to begin their exploited behavior. Making that call and letting the law do their dirty work is how A.U.M.U. is set up. A.U.M.U. pic


Hoping you will not go back see see these same people that claim to be there for you are the same one’s that supported prop 19 and Measure D, AB-2312, and all the rest of the objects that are keeping us from freeing this God given healing plant. Keep in mind there are two different views, one is the compassionate side that started this entire movement, then there is the dark side which is entangled in greed and profiteering from the sick and dying, buzzards like buzzards, waiting for the moment they can devour the prey.



Shame on the majority of Californians that have sat and watch this be slowly pulled away illegally from you, take a beautiful thing and turn it into the noose that will eventually hang you due to your lack of future concerns of patient’s rights, your children’s rights, because what their future soon will hold is jail time and a record, and all for what? a healing plant God gave all mankind to use. Not to be placed on or in “The Market Place” God’s gifts are priceless, and to be shared among His people.

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