Americans for Safe Access is NOT A PATIENT GROUP

ASA is not a “patient advocacy group”. ASA is a lobby for Mafia financial interest in California pot market. They are a far cry from their squeaky clean image wearing suit pants and ties to local government meetings. I have interviewed people who have laughed and openly talked about payoffs to local politicians being a standard part of building this organized crime pot monopoly.


According to my sources Don Duncan is the silent owner in approximately 35 stores in Los Angeles alone, getting a 10% cash kickback from said stores and then laundering that money back to Amsterdam to the Harborside Dutch Mafia backers there.

ASA  Americans for Safe Access

THE LANGUAGE PROTECTING THE PROP D DISPENSARIES SHOULD BE STRICKEN IMMEDIATELY. CONCESSIONS TO DON DUNCAN SHOULD NOT BE GIVEN IN THIS BILL. DON DUNCAN Is not the “patient representative” he would like to lead legislators to believe. Don Duncan IS the head of an organized crime syndicate in California.

According to dozens of sources, Don Duncan was sponsored by George Soros (Monsanto) to go recruit Mafia in Amsterdam to bring them back to America to takeover Pot Market in California.

Prop D Don Duncan

PROP D – this was nothing more than Don Duncan trying to eliminate those that were not paying him an illegal organized crime fee. It is clear that Don Duncan has some sort of federal protection for his activities or he would have been arrested for racketeering for this reason alone.

I was an avid member of ASA for 3 years. During this time they never disclosed to the “patients” who attended the groups that ASA was actually a front for “Harborside Management”, CannBe Corporation (whose web site goes up and down depending what they are trying to achieve), or that Don Duncan or ASA had a stake in dozens of pot stores. The patients who attend ASA meetings know nothing about what actually occurs there.

After being put on chemotherapy I found this ASA. The leader sold pounds of marijuana, and convinced everybody that getting as much pot out there was necessary to combat local government oppression. I bought what they were saying hook, line and sinker. I did exactly what they told me to do, as well as what they would have their schill lawyers come in and tell us that what we were doing was totally legal. They were lying to us and using as for cannon fodder for their own business interests is what I found out.


I was told to put my name on an internet list. I was set up in a local sting operation. I had my life destroyed.

Worse, when I began speaking out and fighting my case the leader of the ASA group was concerned about me being on the stand and decided he wanted me to plead guilty. Instead, I began going to my local government meetings and speaking out about marijuana, money and profit. I was bullied by ASA members and warned to shut up and not talk about money.

I sent the ASA group a letter and told them I would no longer be their poster child puppet. 45 minutes later I had a knock at my door. The new ASA leader Eugene Davidovich was at my door. He acted nice and I let him in. He got me to go outside away from the protection of my dog. He then asked me if I “wanted to be taken out of my misery” and told me he had a “shovel in his trunk”. He said this in an extremely psychopathic sneer. It was no joke and thus began almost two years of gangstalking by ASA

ASA is a criminal organization who sole goal is to dupe sick people while they work on cornering the pot market for their Dutch organized crime financial backers, according to my research.

What happened after I received an actual DEATH THREAT from this group I had attended for 3 years is I began to investigate them, who they really were. I avidly wrote about the continued attacks on Facebook.

Terrie Best Americans for Safe Access

I was stalked, BBQ lighter fluid was thrown at my back door, I was repeatedly threatened by ASA and their stalkers in regards to my physical safety, I filed 3 restraining orders, my computer was repeatedly hacked, I filed an FBI report about that. To this day I am in concern for my safety to appear in public at anything to do with marijuana and ASA.

What happened with my avid blogging on Facebook about this stalking was a picture emerged. I have interviewed well over 100 people. I have tracked back their activities to the time when Don Duncan appeared in Amsterdam recruiting specific people and bringing them back to California for this.

ASA works on a blueprint. It is called “create chaos and pretend to be the answer to said chaos”. It works like this:

Don Duncan has a traveling circus of stores. All of these people take their orders from Don Duncan. When a city council is going to address the issue of stores, Don Duncan sends his traveling circus of 40-60 stores to that city. These people are encouraged to be as outrageous as possible, here in San Diego ASA created NUG magazine which made a total mockery of medical marijuana. This was Don Duncan’s ASA doing this.


Once there is 40 stores set up, Don Duncan shows up and starts to lobby. He will offer that HE has the solution to the chaos which is to do restrictive permitting and allow him to control it. Yet, he is the one who created and controls the chaos. This is akin to the kidnapping of girls for the sex slave trade where they are bombarded with RAPE until they give in and become prostitutes.

In addition, I have had numerous reports from around California, Spokane, Seattle, Maine and other places that EXTORTION is part of the game by ASA/Don Duncan.

In other words, give Don Duncan a 10% CASH TRANSFER ON GROSS SALES, or the ASA stalkers will get you shut down. (According to Sources)

Yes, regulation is badly needed. Don Duncan should be given no seat at that table. ASA or anybody associated should have no say on this bill. ASA should not be involved in any implementation of this bill as it surely would continue this cash payoff and extortion racket which ASA/Duncan have allegedly been operating for years.




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