Legal-Lies-Nation vs Legalization

1654016_608915549188170_842725602_n With so many it appearing to be on the take in California’s medical marijuana movement we are left with a very important question, “What about the patients”? A long ago used word to gather sympathy from elected official’s in fear of being “labeled” in-human to the sick and dying.

That fear has now come home, so obvious Measure D was a trial and run deal, Don Duncan ASA Prop Dwhich seems to of worked and now that went over so well it was time to go for the whole state, this is the results of AB 266, AB 243, was prearranged years before, These larger monopolist have gotten implemented in to law, so many new controls and restrictions, the only thing left to do is wait on the price hike, and a large one it will be to pay off investors, as well as politicians it appears. How could a compassion’s act like prop 215 be transformed into a profit only market legally?

Dale+Dale+DanRush_0184Using paid protege’s to interrupt and destroy  any forward attempts to keep control in the patients hands, after all it was created for patients originally. To think of limiting the ones this was intended for in appalling to say the lease, as they now rear their greedy heads remember them as what compassion is not. 01 Gavin and Dan Rush

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