Harborside Lobby Group Masquerades as Patient Group – AKA “ASA”

Subject: [FWD: Letter from Americans for Safe Access to City Council] —Sacramento
Date: Monday, January 4, 2010, 6:36 AM

ASA created the moratorium here in Sacramento. A moratorium which has personally hurt me because I am a law abiding citizen. Which is going to lead to bullshit regulations that are going to put me out of work.
——– Original Message ——–
Subject: Fwd: Letter from Americans for Safe Access to City Council
From: Bobbie Zawkiewicz
Date: Wed, July 15, 2009 12:44 pm
To: info@california-cannabis.co

Per our emails on myspace.com/cannabiscultureclub, please see below the email
from CouncilmemberSheedy’s office that was forwarded to me in reference to
dispensaries in Sacramento. Note there are not any referenced patient
complaints in Don Duncan’s letter.
If you are interested in my finding with regard to complaints and
the urgency ordinance, let me know.
Here’s the email you requested.
Sandy Sheedy
Councilmember, District 2
(916) 808-7002
(916) 264-7680 (fax)
>>> Don Duncan <don@safeaccessnow.org> 4/3/2009 11:10 AM >>>
Dear Mayor Johnson and Members of the City Council,
The City of Sacramento has recently seen a proliferation of new
storefront (one of his favorite words to scare city councils into a level 4 zoning that will further his monopoly)
facilities maintained be legal medical cannabis (marijuana) patients
associations. The expansion of safe access to medicine is good for
but the rapid increase of new facilities may give rise to concern in
community and present an opportunity for abuse of the medical cannabis

translation: cannabis stores good – too many – bad = Don Duncan monopoly will fix it.
Because research and experience show that sensible regulations for

cannabis facilities reduce crime and complaints, I am writing to ask
the City Council adopt a temporary moratorium on new storefront
so that we may work together to develop and implement appropriate
regulations in Sacramento.
translation:  I encourage you to shut everyone down, now that we have created chaos and encouraged everyone to open, and taken donations and used that money to advertise ASA and lobby for our own level 4, we have the 8 ball at the corner pocket and we, ASA is ready to work with you so that we can be the only pot dealers in town.  Never mind that the law says “collectivelly associate to cultivate” and was specifically written for marijuana not to become a business, we have sufficiently threatned to harm all patients who come to city council to discuss this, of course with the exception of our few allowed mascots.
Most of Californias legal medical cannabis patients rely on
collectives or cooperatives to obtain the doctor-recommended medicine
need to treat the symptoms of HIV/AIDS, cancer, Multiple Sclerosis,
pain, and other serious illnesses. These patients associations are
legal (like Don Duncan gives a flying fuck about patients)
under California law, and California Attorney General Jerry Brown
guidelines in August 2008 that state “a properly organized and
collective of cooperative that dispenses medical marijuana through a
storefront may be lawful under California law,” provided the facility
substantially complies with the guidelines.
Until recently, the number of storefront facilities operating in
and statewide was checked by threats of federal interference. However,
historic election of President Barack Obama and the expanded
majority in Congress signal an opportunity for change in federal
concerning medical cannabis (marijuana), and recent developments
that this change may already be underway. On March 18, US Attorney
Eric Holder elaborated on earlier comments about the evolving federal
policy, telling reporters that the Drug Enforcement Administration
would only focus on providers who use medical cannabis as a shield for
illegal activity or who violate state medical cannabis laws. This is a
radical departure from the previous Administrations policy. As the
threat to legitimate medical cannabis providers recedes, the importance
sensible local regulations for providing safe access to medicine
translation: how scary, you better let us install our Duncan Monopoly and we will help you shut down the small stores and true collectives or the FEDS wont’ even be stepping in.
Some reports have suggested that storefront patients associations
magnets for criminal activity or other behavior that is a problem for
community, but the experience of those cities with regulations says
otherwise. Crime statistics and the accounts of local officials
surveyed by
Americans for Safe Access indicate that crime is actually reduced by
presence of a collective; and complaints from citizens and surrounding
businesses are either negligible or are significantly reduced with the
implementation of local regulations. In Oakland, where collectives have
been  (here we go – lets put in Don Duncan’s Oakland monopoly)
licensed since 2004, City Administrator Barbara Killey, notes that
areas around the dispensaries may be some of the most safest areas of
Oakland now because of the level of security, surveillance, etcsince
ordinance passed.”
I urge you to join dozens of cities and counties in California in
sensible regulations for medical cannabis collectives and cooperatives
Sacramento. In doing so, you will fulfill the voters mandate in
215 to implement a plan for the safe and affordable distribution of
marijuana, and help protect patients and the community.
translation: ASA will help you – we want to control the world…yahaha…canbe corporation yahaha, the macdonalds of marijauan…yahahaha…we will kill anybody who gets in our way…yahaha…talk about profit…the actual law…haha…prepare to be erased…hohohhohhho
Americans for Safe Access is the nations largest organization of
medical professionals, scientists and concerned citizens promoting safe
legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research. Our staff
ready and willing to help you develop and implement regulations. You
reach me at don@safeaccessnow.org or (323) 326-6347 if you need
Thank you,
Don Duncan
California Director
What the California Attorney Generals Guidelines Mean for Medical
Dispensing Collectives in California
Medical Cannabis Dispensing Collectives and Local Regulation
Thank you,
Don Duncan
California Director
What the California Attorney Generals Guidelines Mean for Medical
Dispensing Collectives in California
Medical Cannabis Dispensing Collectives and Local Regulation
Don Duncan
California Director
Americans for Safe Access
Americans for Safe Access (ASA) is the largest national member-based
organization of patients, medical professionals, scientists and
citizens promoting safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic
use and
Are you an ASA member? http://www.AmericansforSafeAccess.org/Join

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